Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yellow Brick Cloth Accessories:

From Knit Scarves to Crochet Gloves and Hats to Cloth Jewelry.. we make pretty much everything!
 Knit Scarf $ 50 and Leather Headband $12.00by YBC

Knit Infinity Scarf $50

 Crochet Collar $20.00

 Crochet Collar $30.oo
 Crochet Hats $ 15.00

 Crochet Headband: $ 10.00

 Ruffle Me Pink Cloth Necklace: $ 35.00

Barley There Cloth Necklace: $ 35.00

Twists and Braids Cloth Necklace: $40.00

Link Me to You Cloth Necklace: $35.00

Perfectly Scalloped Cloth Necklace: $ 30.00

Goddess touched by Flowers headband: $20.00

Creamsicle Flower Headband: $ 20.00

Crochet Fingerless Gloves: $15.00


  1. Yummy knits and goodies! Your a doll! Love the blog, can't wait to follow your posts! Thanks for the follow back! Blessings,

  2. Gorgeous knits! I love them!

  3. I love your blog this a great post. I love love love the accessories and the knits :)
    I am following ya on google and bloglovin :)

  4. Hi, there! Thank you for your sweet "welcome to IFB" message. Love your blog! Following you on Bloglovin' and as soon as I figure out the whole IFB thing (haha!) I'll befriend you there as well!

    Have a great day! Looking forward to checking out your blog! : )

  5. Love Love the knits & accessories.

    I'd totally love to put outfits together with them and photograph them!