Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Favorite Looks Your Wearing:

Love the Whimsical theme to this outfit.. with the delicate lace top to the ruffled mini skirt.. precious.
Adore the shape of this and with the blue accents .. its just right!
love the usage of tonal color.. in the same family but off just a bit adds just enough intrest while still projecting a sense of sweetness ..love it!
love the socks and the great baggy sweater.. the hint of color added with the necklace adds just enough umph!
Great use of color and shape!
True waistline with oversized accessories.. she def got this right!
Love accenting pastels with black.. can be a challenge but this is done very well
amazing accessories and great color tones! love love!
the hat and socks are a must!
Love this coat! Great combo with the shoes and scarf!
Amazing Coat! Keeping it Casual!
love the shorts.. not so much on the styling with the shoes but to each his own..
love the sweater and accessories!
Plaids.. enough said :)
Adore everything about this look!
Great Combo with the hat and Shoes !
Can we say Fur Rules!
Oh My Goodness Im obsessed with the waistline on these pants!
This slouchy jacket with a hit of structure calls to me !
Love the tonal color pallet with the true waistline and a hint of sheer .. classic but edgy!

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  1. All of these looks are so beautiful and different in it's own way. There's so many different styles and original ideas coming from these different ensembles. This is a great collection of looks and a great post!