Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY Your Shoes!!! I Dream of Boots!!

 Here is an awesome tutorial for anyone whose favorite shoes are maybe just not quite right ( like they are flats when you desperately want heels) or are a bit past their prime...

Now first things first remember not everything works out the first time.. these things can take practice so unless you are just super fed up and willing to possibly loose a pair of beloved shoes... proceed with caution... Me however.. I throw caution to the wind and say what the hell!

So What You'll Need:
Fabric Glue
 Fatty Paint Brush
 Old Boots ( crummy falling apart or just want to make a change)
New Boots ( well newer that you dont mind never seeing again) 
Scrap Leather ( around 1/2 a yard or so)
( possibly a sewing Machine or needle and thread)

To Begin:
Take the Boots that are falling apart and cut around the sole as close to the sole edge as possible.
( note: sorry for the horrible images.. I always forget to take the photos as I do the projects but you get the idea)

 You want to try your original shoes on with the now free upper of the boot laying over it. This way you can get a feel for how  well it will fit on the new shoe's last. After you have done this you will be able to get an idea as to wether or not you will need to sew up the upper at all to fit... for this pair I did take a little bit out of the heel for a more snug fit. but honestly I don't recommend it.. its very easy to get them too tight and u don't want to ruin your shoes at the first step.

 Now the Scary part:
You will have to cut down your nice boots so that you can attach the new boot upper and slide in clean.. you don't want two layers of boot in there or it will be too thick and probably uncomfortable.

A tip from learning as I went: cut the heel down about 1/2''

This allows you to slide your foot in much easier ... without doing this .. they were practically impossible to put on.

 You get to do some painting with glue!!
Put both pairs of the shoes on.. top layer first then the cut newer boot underneath... what you'll do is literally paint the entire shoe with fabric glue.. thick layer but not too thick.. it can get a bit messy and if you have suede shoes like I did .. thats no good.. also it wouldn't hurt to keep a wet rag near by just incase you need to use it to wipe yourself or the shoes off.

After painting the under layer with fabric glue... carefully slide the top layer over it and fit in on smooth. You do this with your foot in the shoe so that it acts as the last and allows you to get a good clean smooth fitting. Try and get the top layer nice and tight and as close to the sole as possible.

After you have fitted the top layer on the new sole, cut a think strip of leather long enough to wrap all the way around the sole of the shoe. Paint it with glue and then carefully line the very bottom of the shoe with the leather strip.. this gives a nice clean finish and also acts as a sealant.

And Voila new boots!!!

Seriously this is a challenge, but its so fun and rewarding its totally worth trying! I am so happy with my results and all in all it was a lot easier then I had anticipated. 
Good Luck and feel free to E-Mail me with any questions


Mustaches Mean Halloween!!!!

 We had such a Great time with everyone that came out to the GED Funk and Soul  Halloween Event at the Pond last night!! Hope everyone enjoyed the Mustaches! 

In addition we would love to see your awesome Mustache and Costume shots! Please send us your best Costume or Mustache shots to:
 YellowBrickCloth@gmail.com or post them to our wall on FB
-http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001890296707 !!

 We'll be posting and sharing them all week... let the fun continue!

Thanks Again for Such a Great Halloween 2011!!