Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY: Chalkboards

A chalkboard, obvees! 
 NOTE: We love love this DIY that we found! Just remember, you don't have to make killer menu's you can use this craft to make fun note boards or just decorative pieces.. also utilizing this idea in a nice picture frame is also a great idea!!

First gather your supplies:

Piece of wood (I am using a scrap 1x10 pine board that is 22 inches long)


Black paint

Chalkboard paint

Mod Podge

Scrapbook paper

Paint brushes

Step one:

Prime your board.  I know this is sort of a boring, seemingly unnecessary step, but I have learned the hard way.  Over time an unprimed board will bleed, fade and even warp.  Do this.  It only adds a few minutes to your project.  Let dry.

Step two:

Paint entire board and sides with 1-2 coats of black paint.  Let dry.

Step three:

While paint is drying, cut out letter stencils and trace on to scrapbook paper.  Then cut your letters out.

I included letters for you to make the following words:



MENU  (Be warned that the word MENU needs at least 12 inches of wood to fit.  A standard 1x12 is actually only 11 inches wide.  If you want to make a MENU board, choose your wood accordingly.)

There are so many other options for the words you can use.  A great way to get whatever letters you need is to find a font you love, print out your word in the size you need, then cut and trace it on to patterned paper.

{Save this picture to your computer and print out as a full sheet.} 

Step four:

Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on your board.  Lay your letters down and smooth out.  When the Mod Podge is completely dry, brush another thin coat on top.

You can buy Outdoor Mod Podge if you would like.  I try to bring my sign in at night to keep it from getting ruined by the elements, so the normal Mod Podge works just fine.

Step Five:

Brush two coats of chalkboard paint directly below your letters and on to the rest of the board.  Let dry between coats.  Season chalkboard if necessary according to directions on the label.

Good Luck


tutorial - baby food jar pincushion

Alright we found this wonderful tutorial for you to try that we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

OK, let's go directly to work. For this pincushion your will need...

Any size baby food jar (empty and clean of course. I like the tiny ones), glue gun, thread and needle, poly fill (that is how is called, right?) or fluffy pillow stuff, a piece of fabric cut in a 5" diameter circle and some ribbon (enough to cover around the jar lid).

Make a knot at the end of your thread and needle so it does not come off the fabric. Take needle and tread and sew around your fabric circle over the edge, DO NOT finish off. Use a simple stitch because you will be pulling the thread to close the circle. While you do this your glue gun should be getting hot and ready to use.

Place the handful of fluffy pillow stuffing in the middle of your fabric and gather by pulling your thread with the needle.

Use you hand to squish the fabric and stuffing to give it some shape and to continue sewing around.

Secure with a knot, and finish off. Cut your thread and the top of your pincushion should look like this.

This is how you will place the pincushion over the jar lid (please ignore that pink thread coming out from under the lid).

With your glue gun ready, pour enough glue on top of the lid. Be careful because the lid gets hot (I know, my poor glue gun looks disgusting. I will get a new one, I promise)

Immediately after you put some glue on your lid, place the pincushion on top (stitched part down)and press firmly to glue it to the lid. Keep pressing until the hot glue has cooled down and the pincushion stays on there neatly.

This is how the jar and lid should look after gluing the pincushion part.

To conceal the messy part of the pincushion and lid, we are going to glue some ribbon around the lid. Use a wide enough ribbon so it covers part of the lid and part of the pincushion edge too. Work this part little by little to make a neat finish and be careful with the hot glue.

Glue all the way around the lid, secure and cut the excess ribbon.

 and Voila!

Good Luck

Whimsically YBC

20 Awesome Rings Under $20.00

Wealth of Wisdom Owl Ring: $10.99

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be my star flower ring in brass $9.99


aviary beauty brass ring $9.99


perched together two finger ring in brass $11.99


engraved in royalty brass ring $12.99


fine as a feather pewter ring $15.99


i think you're a hoot white owl ring $8.99


Bleachblack Tangled Branch and Stone Ring $18.00


Feathered Owl Ring $18.00


Aubrey Ring $13.99 



Take Wing Ring $13.99


Fingers of a Feather Ring $14.99


Too Hoot to Handle Ring $14.99


Enchantment of the Ring $13.99


If You Like It Ring $14.99


Polynesia Dreaming Ring $13.99


Geode Ring $12.00


Antiqued Metal Feather Cuff $14.00


Cut Out Wave Ring $16.00

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rick Rack Rings- Absolutely Precious

 You'll need:
Rick Rack (mine was thrifted)
Ring Shank
Needle and Coordinating thread
And don't forget the glue even though it's not in the picture!

 Start by folding over one end of the rick rack and securing it with a stitch.

 Roll the rick rack into a shape of a flower and secure the bottom portion with stitches.

 Continue rolling the rick rack and securing with stitches to the back as it takes on a flower shape.

 When your flower is big enough to fit on the ring shank, cut the rick rack, fold it over to the back and secure with a few stitches.

 Attach the rick rack flower to the ring shank.  
I use UHU because it grabs and dries quickly. 

Make sure to push down the flower on the ring shank securely.  
Pull back a few portions of the rick rack to make petals.

Wear it and ENJOY! 

Good Luck

Whimsically YBC

Altered Books: The most precious Paper Flower Key Holder:

Paper Flower Key Holder

Here’s how:
1. Cut out a circle in the cardboard that is a bit larger than a quarter.
2. Cut your wire hanger in a section that is about 10î long.
3. Bend it like you see in the photo. It should have a hook and an area where you can glue it down. Each end should have a tiny loop. The tiny loop at the top is for the nail.
4. Hot glue the wire on top of the circle of cardboard.
5. Cut out 6 layers of book pages in a flower pattern provided using straight edge scissors and pinking shears so that your flower has texture.
6. Staple the layers together in the middle in an X (this is my big flower making secret)
7. Fold up the top layer to cover the staples and continue folding up the layers to make your flower come to life.
8. Lightly spray with the Krylon Clear Coat and let dry.
9. Give it several more coats of the Krylon Clear Coat but only a little at a time. Do this until the flower is nice and sturdy.
10. Hot glue the flower on top of the wire and disk and hang it with a nail.

Good Luck-

Whimsically YBC