Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple but Unique Magnets:

This is a Great Fun and Easy little project if you want some fun Magnets that hold some nostalgia for you.
You'll need:
Scissors, an old Book ( or magazine clipping would be fun too), Mini picture frames (Go to Goodwill, I found these clear ones for $.49) Magnet strip( if they dont come with magnets attached) Hot glue and Gun.
Simple as this ... pick some pages from your beloved book, trim them to fit the frames, then place them inside the frames.. These frames came with magnets on the back so I didn't have to add my own.. but if you do just place the magnet srip on the top and bottom and hot glue down.
This could also be fun with mini picture frames that have a frame on them as well ... but I love these because I can use these as mini note pads as well. I write my shopping list and notes on these with colored expo markers and they just wipe clean. They are a simple and neat touch to my little apartment!

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