Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chandelier Magic: Wax paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

This is a great project if, like me you are on a budget and want a lot of drama and oomph for a little cash!

It does take a little bit of time but besides that Its super easy and cheep!

Overall heres what you'll need:

*Hot Glue Gun and Glue

*Frame for your chandelier ( I found this old wire piece at goodwill 1$) but u can use anything such as hanging planters ect..

*Ribbion.. I used thin but I've seen it done with thick as well *( at least 2 preferably 3 rolls)

*Wax paper Capiz Shells ( a lot.. when you think you have enough.. make more!)

Haha, I know what your thinking.. how do I make the Capiz Shells?? I was getting to that...

To make the Capiz shells you will need:

* Wax Paper

* Parchment Paper

* Iron and Ironing Board or towel and tabel.

* Circle template.. I used a candle but u can also use a circle cutter

* Pen or Pencil

* Scissors

This is actually a super easy project ..but this part does take some times.. I split the two up.. took one night to make the capiz shells while watching movies the started on the chandelier the next morning.. Great for Sat night Sunday morning project !


you will want to iron at least 3 layers of wax paper between layers of parchment paper : this insures that the wax paper dosen't melt onto the iron or any surface you may be working on.


You'll trace the candle in close circles on the wax paper... you want to fit as many in as possible per page.. this project takes a lot fo the wax disks!

Once you've traced them, simply cut out .. they are great for decorating as well!

Now that you have finished your Wax Capiz Shells, its onto the Chandelier!

To prepare your frame:

All you need to do is to tie the ribbion onto the frame ...

When you begin applying your shells .. start from the inside and work your way outwards.

* I would apply shells to both the inside and outside layers of ribbion.. it may seem excessive but without it you can see the ribbion side of the strands when it hangs.. this is something I learned from doing it, covering just the outside layer of ribbion for my first one.. it dosen't look bad necessarily but it could look better.

To apply the Shells just begin at the top of the ribbon strand and work your way down .. overlapping by 1/2 or so all the way to the bottom on the strand..

Remember this project takes some patience.. its not hard but just time consuming.. so enjoy the process and take ur time..

When your finished ...

You'll have created your own beautiful chandelier!

Now you dont have to lite it but its amazing lit.. I simply tied ribbion from the screws of the existing light setting to my frame and tightened them till it suspended on its own.

Then just turn on the light!

And Voila!

sorry the pics not so great! but it really is a beautiful effect and super cheep to make!

Total I spent around $12.00!!

Good Luck!

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