Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY : Organize

Here are just a few Ideas for Organizing we've come across that we love and want to share with you!

These metal tins are a great way to organize in your kitchen or office if .. like me, your short on storage and counter space.. using this as an inspiration, you can recycle old tin cans, or get the new ones at your local craft store.. they should carry tin boxes and cans ...  then instead of mounting them to the attached bar, you can drill them directly into studs  or mounted wooden backboards...

This is one of my favorite ideas yet .. all you need to do to create this is place nails at equal intervals down the side of an old picture frame, then just string clear wire from each side and you've got an amazing earring organizer...

This is a great way to add color and charm with this unique key holder,  and bonus.. you may never loose your keys again...

This is a great idea for all those crafters and sewers! Separating everything with little boxes.. Ideal... I love when everything has a place!!

This is just a fun DIY that I love. Magnetic picture frames are a great way to add character to a space and don't forget they double wonderfully as note pads.. using expo markers to leave notes that can be wiped off with very little effort!  Check Previous DIY's for more specific instructions on unique picture frame magnets.

Good Luck and Enjoy

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