Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look What You Can Do!!

Here are some amazing craft ideas and such that we want to share with you...

  Whimsical Paper Chandelier:

I haven't tried this one yet but it looks soo precious once its done I may have to!

This paper Mobile idea is soo cute! My best friend is having a baby and I can't wait to make a little mobile for her!

Seriously Idealistic! I want tons of these clothes pins.. how fun, just modge podge on ur fav paper and sand it down.. I can def handel that!

My prayers have been answered.. what a great way to organize art and sewing equipment!

Here are some great crafts done with felt! 


Now this  I have made and will be making more soon.. so keep an eye out for step by step Tutorials!

These paper mache string lanterns are great for any occasion and add loads of Whimsy and Drama!

Simple but easy : cover old picture frames with  new fresh paper and Voila! new life!

This easy project is great for decorating or fun: just cover wooden blocks with pics or letters and modge podge on and sand.. 

Creating a messaging board with an old picture fram is a great idea! just put your favorite print or background image and then write over with expo markers.. genius!

This clever project is something I must try!
Just take plastic bags.. cut them into strips and knot them together .. twist and wind into your own yarn.. then procede to crocheting! super easy and Great Recycled project!

This is a great one if you wan to add a touch of color and taste:
Just cover foam balls with colored or basic twine.. oh the powers of hot glue!

These are just some fun ideas to get your creativity flowing!
Now go out and try them yourself.. we would love to hear how our attempts go!

-Good Luck


  1. Lovely post! Especially for someone who adores DIY;). I've actually just made a few felt-based necklaces myself, and just today i was making little flowers like the one you've featured here--so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing - all great ideas and now I have to find the time to do some of these.

  3. Hi,
    I just love your ideas, Im interested in making those paper mache string balls how do i do it.
    Can you send me the tutorials ?