Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jute Wrapped Pears

"J" is for Jute

Jute covered pears.

Jute ranks right up there with drop cloths, distressed white paint, burlap and rope - love.

A little knock off of Ballard's giant jute pears.

Twine Pear

image from Ballard

And how about some jute eggs for Easter?

Here's how I made the pears:
(I used the same method for the eggs.)

1. I used newspaper mache pears from Michaels ($1.50 each) but regular plastic pears would do and standard jute string.

2. Start at top, glue near stem and wind jute adding glue every few inches.

Too easy.  So why pay $25 for Ballard's giant pear when you can have a whole vase full for a fraction of the cost?

 Good Luck 

Whimsically YBC

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