Monday, July 18, 2011

Classic Giftwrap: Beautiful and Tasteful that won't break the bank!!

This gift wrapping idea is ridiculously easy, which is very necessary in my busy life right now!
1. Use pinking sheers to cut 9 strips 1/2-3/4 inches wide:  For length cut 3 at 10 inches, 3 at 9 inches, 2 at 8 inches, and 1 at 6 inches.  (You can use a variety of lengths for different size bows)
 2. Loop each end around and staple the middle.
3. Hot glue largest to smallest alternately to make the bow.  Loop that last one into a round circle and glue in the center.  Buttons look really cute in the center, too.
I used canvas, burlap, and a sheer stiff cotton (a curtain at the thrift store) for fabric.  As long as it has some sturdiness to it to show the fold, it will work.  You can see the difference in stiffness between the canvas and sheer cotton in the picture.  Pinking sheers gives it a really nice finished edge.  Sky is the limit with fabric choices and colors. 

I love grouping them together to show the texture.  Add some yarn and an old-fashioned tag and it completes the ensemble. Using the hot glue makes them easy to peel off the paper, so they are definitely re-usable! 

Good Luck and Enjoy your Wrapping


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