Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rustic Candle Holder:

One of our belt designers, Cristina, has been busy working on some unique home creations.  She photographed this D.I.Y. to share with us and we can’t wait to try it out– she says it’s so easy! Since Easter is this weekend, wouldn’t this also be a cute approach to a basket?
candle holder with flat sides (any size)
craft adhesive– multi-purpose for wood and glass surfaces
garden pruners
dry tree or shrub branches
Step 1. Wash the candle holder with dish soap and dry well. Cut the branches down to sticks close to the height of the candle holder, it is best to cut a few at a time.
Step 2. Dab the glue on a stick making sure to hit the areas that will be flush to the glass. Place on the glass.  You can do a few at a time and then hold until they won’t slide off before you rotate the holder.
Step 3. Repeat until all of the glass has been covered. As always, if using a candle holder do not leave these unattended! Isn’t the end result just magnificent?


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  1. I love this DIY tutorial!! I might try this for my house!!